Featured in November Abode

Latitude 38’s Belmont Avenue home was recently featured in the “A Room of One’s Own” in the C-Ville Weekly Abode November issue. Thanks to Mike and Lisa for the kind words about their home!

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Homeowner Videos

We are excited to announce that we have uploaded five video interviews with Latitude 38 homeowners. Ross McDermott did a great job filming and editing and we hope you enjoy watching! They are embedded in the pages for each project or you can watch them all in a larger format at our Vimeo site.

Mulberry Avenue

Mulberry Avenue from Latitude 38 on Vimeo.

Belmont Avenue

Belmont Avenue from Latitude 38 on Vimeo.

Rockland Avenue

Rockland Avenue from Latitude 38 on Vimeo.

Grady Avenue

Grady Avenue from Latitude 38 on Vimeo.

Monticello Avenue

Monticello Avenue from Latitude 38 on Vimeo.

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Belmont Ave House Complete!

After four months of building, we were able to crank it up and get the Belmont Avenue family in just in time for a busy holiday season. We’ll post some more photos soon, but here’s a sneak peak. It looks like you are peering through a peephole, but that’s really a big circular door!

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Taking a Load Off

Just about wrapped up down on Belmont Ave and we’re excited to have a growing family move in.

Taking just a little bit of r and r before you can find us going full tilt on our next house:  an urban/country Virginia farmhouse on Mulberry Ave, just off of Shamrock and Cherry Ave. Going to try and dial this whole blog thing in again as we are adding a few wrinkles both in terms of design and construction to this next house that we’re really excited about.

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Full Circle

We’re a little more than halfway done on our sixth house and it marks our return to the heart of Belmont as we haven’t been this close to downtown since house # 1.  Having a good time and enjoying biking through the back alleys of Belmont to and from the job site.

Siding is mostly up and we love the site lines the rain screen reveal provides.  Other than building a front porch and back deck, we’re ready to move inside and start having fun with all the trim details.

Every house we like to be thrown a curveball and presented with a new challenge.  Besides the overall challenge of the narrowness of the site and trying to fit a 1900 sq/ft house over a full basement, the large circle wall has got to be the defining characteristic of the house.  Since the house is so narrow, we left the first floor almost entirely open save for the circle wall that separates the kitchen and dining area from the large living room.  On the back side, shelving will be recessed into it.  Anyway, as folks that mostly deal with rectangles and horizontal lines, it was a fun departure.

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