We’re a little more than halfway done on our sixth house and it marks our return to the heart of Belmont as we haven’t been this close to downtown since house # 1.  Having a good time and enjoying biking through the back alleys of Belmont to and from the job site.

Siding is mostly up and we love the site lines the rain screen reveal provides.  Other than building a front porch and back deck, we’re ready to move inside and start having fun with all the trim details.

Every house we like to be thrown a curveball and presented with a new challenge.  Besides the overall challenge of the narrowness of the site and trying to fit a 1900 sq/ft house over a full basement, the large circle wall has got to be the defining characteristic of the house.  Since the house is so narrow, we left the first floor almost entirely open save for the circle wall that separates the kitchen and dining area from the large living room.  On the back side, shelving will be recessed into it.  Anyway, as folks that mostly deal with rectangles and horizontal lines, it was a fun departure.