Things are moving along at 817 Montrose Avenue, as we got the house under roof last week and put in most of the windows. You’ll note that they are different from the original rendering posted, but we think the vertical casements are a better fit. We have also started to install the hardi-panel siding, and have just ordered larch wood for some accent siding.

Here you can see the hardi-panel size. We will come back and paint after all the installation is complete. Color TBD. Making final decisions once we are building is one of the enjoyable aspects of building on a small scale with no client, where we wait to see what works for the site. You can also see here that we are installing the siding on vertical battens to help water drain behind the siding rather than sit and be absorbed into the material.

This shot shows the back of the house, where you can see the double slider will lead out to a deck / patio area. We’re deciding right now what will look the best on the site and be lower maintenance longer term. You can also see that we are wrapping the house in Dow 1″ foam board, an R5.5 (insulation value) product that reduces thermal loss due to the wood studs that are a break in the interior insulation. The walls are 6″ stud walls built on 24″ centers taking advantage of value-engineered framing techniques. The crawl space is poured concrete ICFs (insulated concrete foundation), which give a continuous insulation and create a conditioned crawl space for reduced moisture build-up.

One of the great things about this site is the views of Carter’s Mountain. Here are a couple of shots I took from the middle bedroom looking west.

Stairs were just put in and interior walls are being framed up, so we will try to get some more shots up soon. Feel free to stop by the site and take a look as well.