Daily Progress / HOMEstyle Special Section : September 2010

Jan Ferrigan recently contacted Latitude 38 for some advice on environmentally friendly countertops. Countertops, like floor coverings, are a place where a lot of people think about using a local, renewable or recycled product to reduce the environmental impact of their home. It’s a great visual piece that people see and use everyday, and there are many options available out there there for those interested. However, it is worth noting that this is a relatively small part of the home and its total embodied energy. Recognizing the environmental impact of the countertop is important, but should always be looked at concurrently with other building materials and long-term operating aspects of a home. Although there has been much advancement in environmentally responsible product sourcing, I look forward to the day when we can show off the embodied energy and material content of ceramic toilets, the glass in our windows, and metal roofing material. If you have any suggestions of products, please pass on the word.

Here is a related article that covers the environmental impact of all kitchen elements quite well: USGBC Green Home Guide: Creating a Green Kitchen: From Resource Planning to Maintenance