A couple of the guys who work with us have taken some time off recently to offer their construction skills to needy communities through the Building Goodness Foundation. Tom Hughes and Tommy Schaperkotter both took a trip to Haiti around Thanksgiving to help build a home. Their trip was nicely documented in the Daily Progress. And then right after Christmas Tommy went to Mexico with another great service organization, One Small House, to work on a school. I have attached some of his photos.

Also, Building Goodness teamed up with Darden a few years ago on Building Goodness in April. We will be helping them out on a house here in Charlottesville this spring. It’s great to be able to give back in our own backyard as well. Here’s more info about how to refer local houses to the program:


Having traveled with BGF to work on a school in Guatemala in 2003 and having helped organize BF in April in 2009, I can personally speak very highly of this great organization. If you have any interest in volunteering on a trip with them, please contact us. We’d be happy to tell you about our experiences.