We have been sourcing most of our bathroom vanities from IKEA.  Again, affordable with a little bit of a sense of design.  But, I see these vanities going in lots of renovations and new bathrooms and I worry that it will be a dated look.  In particular, they sell some with doors that have an aluminum frame with frosted doors that I almost think will become the equivalent to affordable modern what cherry cabinets and granite cabinets are to McMansions.

In the case of the upstairs bathroom at Riverbluff, Tommy took Ikea’s basic white vanity and corralled a bunch of extra scraps on the job site to create something one of a kind.  He took leftover cypress 1 x 4 siding and wrapped 3 sides of the sink. He used leftover galvalume roofing to treat the underside of the exposed cypress and leftover aluminum angle to wrap around the sink.