On the same day that our new homeowner for our first Riverbluff house is moving in, we are excited to announce that we will be building another Latitude house right across the street. We hope to break ground later this fall.

After spending all winter and spring up there and getting to observe how dynamic a community it is, we feel confident that this would be a great place for another Latitude house and family. We are in the early stages of the design process, but are most excited by the views out the back towards downtown. The back of the lot backs up to a cemetary and large open green space and we are working on designs that bring this hidden open space into the house.

But, to be perfectly honest, our real reason for building up there again: we have a bit of a sweet tooth. On one of our last days, neigbhors Ben and Kathy came tearing out of their house trying to flag us down as we had the truck loaded down with tools and it appeared we were leaving for the last time. What did they want? They wanted to give a big dish of brownies that they made for us. Looking forward to next spring and our 12th Latitude house and hopefully some more sweets!