After yesterday’s blog post, I received this email:

“Ms. Conover…

We have an old & leaky house. Who might you recommend as a home energy auditor?


I thought others in the Charlottesville area might also like to see my answer.

There is a non-profit in town focused on home audits and energy retrofits: LEAP. They are probably the best source of info about who to call for your particle needs. They have a list of contractors involved in their program who have gone through a Building Performance Institute training. See those with an asterisk here:

Unfortunately, I do not really know any of these folks, so I do not feel qualified to specifically recommend anyone. Just be aware that some of the auditors just do the audits, while others also can do the work. I’m not sure which is better, but call a few to see if they have experience with your age/type of home.

More about what a home audit is: