We’ve only been in our new house 6 months, and it might be a little premature, but it certainly seems like we might be living in a net zero house. Honestly, we thought this goal was a little out of reach, but I think this is proving that the energy usage assumptions for Passive House standards are still a little conservative.

We just got our most recent electric bill from Dominion. This is our first 6 months:

Jan: 631 KWH

Feb: 536 KWH

Mar: 80 KWH

Apr: 0 KWH

May: 16 KWH

Jun: 0 KWH

The zero KWH hours for April and June doesn’t mean we netted exactly zero for the month.  For some reason, Dominion Electric can’t show on this bill how much we are positive, so if you are positive, it just shows a zero.  My understanding is Dominion settles up at the end of the year.

Also, I could be wrong, but if I remember correctly, our p.v. system was shut off for much of January and February unbeknown to us, which explains the big drop from February to March.

Just to put things in perspective, I would think a newly standard code built house would probably be using 1500 KWH a month.  Anyway, we’re pretty stoked thus far.