Now that the outside is pretty much wrapped up on our latest project, we’re spread over all three floors of the interior of the Sun Ridge House, attempting to put all the various trim to bed by the end of August.

We’re back to plywood accent walls among other things, but have felt our pattern of uniform size widths on past houses has grown stale.  So, we’re trying varying widths and a more patchwork pattern. In the living room shot, you can see the plywood carry all the way across the sunken living room to an elevated reading nook.

In the master bedroom, there is also an elevated reading area that Jack is busy installing the plywood in.  Jack shows off the transom window from that room that casts southern light into the stairwell. Order up!

Meanwhile, Tom has been busy designing and installing a mosaic tile pattern for the masterbathroom. It’s a small detail, but I like how Tom carried the mosaic feel into the shampoo niche rather than just putting one large tile.