931 Belmont Avenue – Sold

The lot is only 30′ wide, so with 5′ setbacks on either side and another 1′ to be certain, the house was limited to 19′ wide. Further, the two neighboring houses sit within 5′ of their own setbacks, so we had to think a lot about window placement and privacy screening. At the same time, the house is located in an older residential neighborhood, where just about every house has a front porch, so we wanted to make sure that the house was welcoming. The homeowners wanted something modern to fit with their lifestyle, so the house really stands out around its 19th Century neighbors, but its distinct circle opening seems to have grabbed a number of approving looks.

Watch the home owner video:

Sq. Feet: 1816 finished / 906 unfinished
Finish Date: 20091001
Bedrooms: 3
Bath: 2.5