I have kind of junky camera that doesn’t really capture things, but hopefully these pics are better than nothing. We’ve hung all the mosaics of plywood in all three of the upstairs bedrooms. It’s sort of a signature maneuver we can’t seem to get away from. Besides adding a lot of visual interest to the bedrooms it just exudes a nice tranquil feel.

One photo shows some demim batt insulation that is made from recycled blue jeans. On the previous home we completed the client put a ton of research into products and pricing for sound insulation and found these batts offered by Nature Neutral to give the most bang for your buck. You can’t tell from the photo above but that is actually a double stud wall that is insulated with two layers of batts batts and separated with an air gap so there is vibration transfer from the wood. (We did this  between two of the bedrooms as both bed walls would be touching each other)

Also felt good to peal up the temporary plywood that has been protecting the concrete slab. The mixture of tones and texture of the concrete, the wood cladding, the white walls and plywood ceiling looks great. Also pealed off the protective film on the windows to be able to take in the view a little better. You can’t really get perspective from the photo, but there are 12′ ceilings on the first floor and that window is 6′ tall and about 10′ wide. So, ton of light, great view.