As always, my camera sucks and I like to think doesn’t do justice to a compact, but wonderful master bathroom. We went heavy on the yellow pine, but I think it works really well with the grey mosaic tile in the tub and the aluminum and glass ikea cabinet. I forgot to get a shot of the floor, but we put in black slate with a grey grout. I don’t know, I really like the yellow pine and it could almost tip things over into being to cabiney (if that’s a word). But, when you juxtapose it with some colder, more austere material, you get what we at Latitude 38 like to call…”urban country.” Boo yah.

So, the kitchen is kicking some serious ass these days, like chef kicking ass.  Sous chef, pastry chef, they’re all gonna wanna party in there. We’ve got the countertops and large farm sink in, but I’m waiting until just a few more little trim things are in before snapping some pics.