We finally got around to stripping off the forms to the concrete steps we poured a few weeks back. We need to add more dirt around the edges and also around the driveway section, but you get the gist. There is just something so pleasing about 3 x 1 shaped rectangle. It’s going to look great once grass is growing around them all. (I took my inspiration from those steps at the park opposite Preston and Madison Ave).

You can kind of make out the driveway in one of the pics. Basically, we poured two strips for tire tracks and we are going to fill in the rest with river rock. Because we don’t want that rock to wash out, we also poured a narrow retaining wall all the way around. On the grass side, we need to build up the dirt such that it’s level with the top of the wall.

House #’s were kind of a splurge. We haven’t installed a mailbox yet, but I’m thinking we might build one out of scrap cedar and mount it to the house so it ties in with the cedar on the bump outs and porch.