Today’s post was going to be about successfully digging out for the foundation before the monster rain hits us on Saturday.  But sometimes you’re thrown a curve ball.

Cory and Tom had biked over to my house this morning and we started the day schlepping extra long form boards to the new jobsite while it was still cool.  We couldn’t start forming up as the excavation wasn’t done, but the guys were tired of the long bike ride to Riverbluff and were excited about the prospect of the short bike commute to 6th st.  After moving the boards, I dropped them off at Riverbluff and I worked with the excavator all day on the foundation cut.  We finished up a little before 3pm. I went and picked the guys up from Riverbluff and we laid out the corners for the new house to finish the day out.

It was such a gorgeous spring afternoon.  You could just feel it out in the streets. People barbequing and drinking and feeling festive.  I felt good about having the corners pinned on our new house and to celebrate I picked up a few 20 ouncers and we set out on the backdeck for a little unwinding.

About an hour into laughing and swapping stories, right around five o’clock, I got a call from the 540 area code.  I couldn’t think who would be calling me from the 540 after five on Friday, but I decided to answer it.  It was the Estes freight company.  I couldn’t really make out what the guy was saying at first.  Something about it being a really long day, about being down at Bed, Bath and Beyond and having a big delivery of polyurethane for Allied Concrete.  After going back and forth, not really understanding each other, I finally figured out that he was saying, “polystyrene.”  He had our giant insulated concrete form order that I had placed with Allied concrete, which wasn’t supposed to come until the middle of next week.  I guess because Allied had already closed, he had my number as a backup contact.  He was supposed to deliver to the jobsite, but we were in no condition to head back out there.  So, we did the only thing that was sensible:  ordered a couple large pizzas from Mellow Mushroom, had another big Red Stripe and waited for a giant 53′ tractor trailer to show up in front of my house.