We are in the final stretch of our Riverbluff house.  Mostly, final trim details and finishing touches.  Mr. Hughes has just created two great additions to the house: two different takes on the wooden slatted bench.

The first bench resides in the downstairs studio unit at the front of the house.  We tiled this whole area, including a small utility room as we see this as a mud room zone to take off your boots, maybe put away the stroller.  Tom’s title for this bench:  “Cycles: The ups and downs of the housing market.”

The second bench is in the upstairs bridge that crosses over from the guest bedrooms into the master suite.  It’s a magical space in the afternoon when the suns hits the cypress siding.  Because the house is up on a bluff, strong cross winds blow through when you open up the windows.  And, the breezeway between the two units perfectly frames a large oak tree further down the hill, so we wanted to give  an opportunity to pause.  Tom’s title for this creation: “My boss is a Jewish carpenter.”