Enough with the rain already.  We finally caught a break from mother nature today and were able to get rolling.  We knocked out the basement walls and set most of the web floor trusses for the 1st floor.  The biggest difficulty was navigating all those metal mending plates on the trusses.  Today was first for me: I had two pairs of shorts get completely torn to shreds.

Again for our Passive House certification we are actually building double stud walls with a three inch insulation gap in between.  For now, we’re holding off on one set of the double stud walls and are concentrating on getting under roof.  We are also forgoing our normal 1″ of rigid foam board that we have been wrapping our house with as we no longer have to worry about thermal bridging from a single stud wall.  To ensure complete air tightness, we are using heavy duty window wrap on all the plywood sheathing seams, which will then be convered in tyvek.

My only question is what’s on Tommy’s mind and why is he holding that saw?