Open House
120 Riverbluff Circle
Sunday, May 22, 1-4pm

We have just completed construction on another Latitude 38 home and would like to invite you to come check it out. Due to having a 7-month old, we made an executive decision not to hold a party on this one. Sorry guys. However, we are very proud of this house, and would love if you could stop by and see it this Sunday. If you can’t make it, we would be happy to take you through it another day. Just let us know!

The house is Earthcraft and Energy Star certified, and features a great deck for parties and a mini-skywalk. The house is in the Riverbluff development, which is right by the Rivanna River and the greenbelt trails. The landscaping in their rain garden is really coming along and May is a beautiful time to see it. We should have better photos up next week.

Hope to see you Sunday!

PS We have begun construction on our own house, which we hope will be certified as a Passive House. We have been blogging a lot about the construction, so be sure to check it out: