To some extent, we find ourselves killing time working on projects that aren’t necessarily a priority while we wait on the arrival of windows and siding. One filler project: putting up the 2nd floor ceiling cladding. Not really a priority, but seeing that we already put up the plywood air barrier ceiling and there is no electrical in the ceiling, nothing is really stopping us.

For the guest bathroom, all I did was tell Cory to use up the poplar scraps stored in the basement that I am tired of tripping over and driving me crazy. For those that are curious, the wood came from here:

Cory decided to get a little whimsical and evoke the feeling of being below deck of some sort of old sailing vessel. It’s such a tight space that the photos don’t do justice to the feeling that the curvature, texture and color of the slatted poplar evoke. We were using this bathroom as a test case, but Joey loves it so much that I think we are going to do our bathroom in the Spanish cedar scraps and maybe eventually our front entry way as well.

One small air sealing detail: seeing that we are already cladding the ceiling before doing our blower door test, we went nuts taping the plywood, including all the seams, any knots, and nail holes.