We are proud to announce our newest hire: Eleanor Virginia Erkelens. Being a small business, we don’t have titles per se, but Eleanor will spend most of her time on project management and estimating. She is also eager to lend a hand to our marketing department as well.

Eleanor brings to Latitude 38 over seven months of real in-the-field life experience. She’s quick on her stomach and learns things fast. We appreciate both her curiosity and wonder towards the world of construction as well as her incredible candor. She’s not afraid to speak up and say what’s on her mind. Eleanor also does a great job blending safety and fashion too (notice the pink earmuffs).

Really, the only adjustment the construction staff is having to make is taking the time to understand her orders. Maybe it’s the earplugs we all wear, but we are having a bit of a tough time understanding what’s she saying. I also must admit that while we appreciate unorthodox and innovate construction techniques, we find her continual need to chew on her hammer a bit unnerving. Still, our only big worry, as it is a bit of a morale killer for the rest of the team, is her need to take naps every two hours, but we are doing our best to work around that.