It’s been blistering hot this week, but we were finally able to create a little shade for ourselves by putting a roof on.

It’s a 6/12 gable roof pitch to match the historical feel of the neighborhood.  One small energy efficiency feature: rather than having the rafter tail sit directly on top of the wall, we had trusses built that raised the top cord of the truss, which raises the underside of the roof well above the top of the wall.  This allows us to pack a whole bunch of insulation over the cap plate (top of the wall), which is usually a weak link for insulation in most houses.  This also doesn’t really add much cost as well.

Part of the fun of setting trusses is getting to work Derek of Van der Linde Crane. Besides being a fun guy, we get to live vicariously through him and hear what all the other builders are up to as he set trusses for most folks in town.