As the summer winds down, we are closing in on all of our framing and rough-in inspections.  We’ve been pretty much 95% ready for a good month or so, but it’s been hard to find the time to button up every last detail of the plumbing, electrical and hvac.

Normally, we sub out all the trades, but since this is my house, I wanted the satisfaction (and stress) of trying to do it all.  So, for me, it’s going to be a mile stone when we pass and can start insulating .

I keep meaning to write dedicated blog posts about some of the innovative things we are trying, but for now, a few photos will have to  suffice:  You can see Tom working on the last of our duct work, which includes a fully independent and ducted energy recovery ventilation system.  I’m stripping wires and wiring up the circuit breaker box, which will eventually have energy monitors on every circuit, so we can have a more accurate analysis of our energy usage.  And, Bryce is running all the water supply piping for the house including a mondo 36 port manifold system.  Hopefully, more details to follow.