Wednesday, August 24
5:30 – 7:00pm
Location: ecoREMOD: The Energy House (608 Ridge St.)

Curious about the solar, wind or geothermal power options for your home? Hear from local experts what is available in our market, what advice they have for getting started, and how energy efficiency can prepare your home for renewables.

Speakers include:
Paul Risberg of AltEnergy
Jimmy North of Air Flow Systems
Jeff Yago of DTI Solar (Invited)


Note that we have just committed to installing solar thermal and PV on our new house on 6th Street SW. We are very excited about trying out this technology. As romantic as the idea of being “off-grid” is to us, I think we are more excited about the idea of being “grid-tied” and selling energy back onto the electric grid. This doesn’t necessarily mean we are going to be creating net-positive energy, it just means that when we are creating the most energy (during the middle of the day), that energy will be used, without any battery packs in place. We will go into more details about the systems soon, but just wanted to put in a good word for this session if you are interested in it. We are working with Paul at AltEnergy, and so far are very happy with their knowledge and service.