Moving on up.  A lot of visual progress in a week’s time.  Tom is already installing the metal standing seam roof on the rear shed roof porch, which is way up in the clouds.  He also pretty much single-handily built the entire 3 story rear porch structure.  (We offered to lend a hand, but I think we would have only slowed him down and also interrupted his jamming out to kiss fm)

On the front side of the house, Tommy and Bryce have been busy building a traditional hip porch.  Because most of our houses skew modern, we don’t often get to flex some of our carpentry muscles that you get to with more traditional details.  So, it’s been fun to frame up an exposed hip roof with all the corresponding double compound angle cuts.  Because both roofs will be exposed, we used a tongue and groove 1 x 6 instead of plywood or osb.  Front elevation still looks a little funny, but will make more sense once the trellis and railings go in.